Practice Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers

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Book: Practice Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers
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Complete this assessment to practice adding and subtracting mixed numbers. Be sure to check your answers.

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1. Archer made a tunnel for his hamster out of two cardboard tubes. One tube was 8 \dfrac{5}{8} \, \text{in} long. The other tube was 7 \dfrac{6}{8}  \, \text{in} long.

What is the total length of the tunnel?

______ inches

2. Kayden walks \dfrac{4}{5} \, \text{kilometers} to a friend's house. Then he and his friend walk 1 \dfrac{3}{5}  \, \text{kilometers} more to go fishing at their favorite pond.

How far did Kayden walk all together?

______ kilometers

3. After a rain storm, Lily measures the depth of several puddles in her backyard. She records her results in a table.

Puddle Depth(inches)
On the lawn \dfrac{3}{4}
On the sidewalk  \dfrac{2}{4}
Under the swing  1 \dfrac{1}{4}

How much deeper was the puddle under the swing than the puddle on the sidewalk?

______ inches

4. Kyra and some friends go to a climbing gym. She records how high each person climbed.

Person Height (m)
Kyra 5 \dfrac{40}{100}
Jake 7 \dfrac{10}{100}
Mynna 4 \dfrac{85}{100}

What is the total height climbed by Kyra and Jake?

_____ meters

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1. The total length of the tunnel is 16 \dfrac{3}{8} inches.

2. Kayden walked 2 \dfrac{2}{5} kilometers all together.

3. The puddle under the swing was \dfrac{3}{4} inch deeper than the puddle on the sidewalk.

4. Kyra and Jake climbed a total of 12 \dfrac{50}{100} meters.

We could also write this as 12 \dfrac{1}{2} meters.