Multiply and Divide Fractions Word Problems Exercises


1. Carlos spent 1 \dfrac{1}{4} hours doing his math homework. He spent 1 \dfrac{1}{4} as much time practicing piano.

How many hours did Carlos spend practicing piano?

______ hours

2. Eric has started running for exercise. He recorded the number of kilometers he ran each day this week in the table below.

On Monday, Eric ran \dfrac{5}{7} of the distance that he ran on Friday.

Fill in the number of kilometers that Eric ran on Monday in the table below.

Day Number of kilometers run
Monday _____
Wednesday 1 \dfrac{1}{2}
Friday \dfrac{9}{10}

3. Talia spent \dfrac{3}{4} of this week's allowance on candy. Of the money she spent on candy, \dfrac{5}{6} was spent on gummy bears.

What fraction of this week's allowance did Talia spend on gummy bears?

_____ of this week's allowance

4. A punch bowl had 2 \dfrac{1}{2} liters of juice in it. Liam drank \dfrac{1}{3} of the juice in the bowl.

How many liters of juice did Liam drink?

_____ of a liter

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