Downloading and Installing NetBeans IDE

These instructions describe how to download and install NetBeans, a commonly used IDE for Java programming. Using an IDE means that you have all of the tools you need in one place (your "development environment") instead of having to organize things manually. Use the instructions in Step 2 to write a simple Java program called "" and then compile and run it.

9. Developing and Deploying Web Application in NetBeans

9.1. Web (HTTP) Servers

Configuring Web Server

You could configure the web server via "Tools" menu ⇒ "Servers".

Tomcat Server

To configure Tomcat Server, select "Tools" menu ⇒ "Servers" ⇒ click "Add Servers":

  1. Choose Server: Select the desired Tomcat version ⇒ Next.
  2. Installation and Login Details: In "Server Location", fill in the Tomcat installation directory ($CATALINA_HOME) ⇒ Enter the username/password of a tomcat user with "manager" role. You could either check the "create user if it does not exist" or define the tomcat user in "$CATALINA_HOME\conf\tomcat-users.xml " as follows:
       <role rolename="manager"/>
       <user username="tomcatmanager" password="xxxx" roles="manager,manager-script,admin" />

Running the Web Server

Choose "Services" ⇒ Expand "Servers" node ⇒ Right-click on the desired server ⇒ Start/Stop/Restart.