Introduction to Java

Work through these slides. As you read, think about and answer the questions at the bottom of each page. These will be your first experience with Java, so make sure you follow each step closely.

13. Using Notepad



Using Notepad


Once Notepad is running, just type the program into the window, as in the picture.

To enter characters, just type them. You can move around the text using the mouse or arrow keys. To delete mistakes, use the "backspace " key or the "delete " key. To start a new line, just hit "Enter ".

In typing in the program, make sure upper and lower case letters and all punctuation are exactly correct. You do not have to get the spaces exactly correct.

Now you need to save the file to the hard disk. Do this with one of the selections in the menu bar at the top of the Notepad window.

Question 13:

Does NotePad save your source file into the default directory it was started in?