Small Java Programs

This chapter discusses naming and coding conventions as well as reserved words in Java. When you go through this chapter, you'll get some hands-on experience with writing in Java.

9. Fixing Errors


The reserved word String has been changed to string . The other changes in case are OK.
The class name 
hello is OK. Class names are your choice. It is usual to start class names with
upper case, but OK not to. The characters inside quotes can be (nearly) anything you want.

Fixing Errors


Usually you will have two windows open on your computer: one for a text editor (such as Notepad or Notepad++) and one for the command interpreter.

To fix the syntax error, change the "C" to a "c" and save the file. Now use javac to compile the source file, and if there are no errors, use java to run it.

Question 9:

If you forget to save the file after making the change, and then enter the command javac, what will happen?