Small Java Programs

This chapter discusses naming and coding conventions as well as reserved words in Java. When you go through this chapter, you'll get some hands-on experience with writing in Java.

13. Another Example


A bird came down the walkHe did not know I saw;He bit an angle-worm in halvesAnd ate the fellow, raw.

To make this output more readable, put a space at the end of each string literal in the program.

Another Example

Public class Haiku

Now say that your assignment is to create a program that writes the following to the computer monitor:

On a withered branch
A crow has just alighted:
Nightfall in autumn.

Above is the program that is to perform this task, but with some blank boxes for you to fill in.

The extra lines between program statements don't hurt. Blank lines often make a program easier to read.

Question 13:

Fill in the blanks of the program.