Small Java Programs

This chapter discusses naming and coding conventions as well as reserved words in Java. When you go through this chapter, you'll get some hands-on experience with writing in Java.

16. Many Comments


No. The compiler ignores comments when creating the bytecodes.
Comments are just for human readers of the source program.

Many Comments

public class Haiku
  public static void main ( String[] args )
    System.out.println("On a withered branch" );      // Write first line of the poem
    System.out.println("A crow has just alighted:");  // Write 2nd line of the poem
    System.out.println("Nightfall in autumn.");       // Write 3rd line of the poem

Comments can be placed after a program statement to explain what it does, as here.

The // and everything after it on that line is ignored by the compiler. The program statement in the start of the line is not affected by the comment.

Question 16:

Would you ever want to write an entire paragraph of comments?