A Comprehensive Analysis of Spoofing

This article gives an in-depth explanation of internet protocol (IP) and email address spoofing. What are the steps for IP spoofing? Why might an attacker would want to spoof an IP or email address?

1. Introduction

Spoofing can take on many forms in the computer world, all of which involve some type false representation of information. There are a variety of methods and types of spoofing. We would like to introduce and explain following types in this paper:

  • IP Spoofing
  • ARP Spoofing
  • E-Mail Spoofing
  • Web Spoofing
  • DNS Spoofing
There are no legal or constructive uses for implementing spoofing of any type. Some of the outcomes might be sport, theft, vindication or some other malicious goal. The gravity of these attacks can be very severe, can cost us millions of dollars and should not be overlooked by the Internet security community.

Source: P. Ramesh Babu, Lalitha Bhaskari, and C. H. Satyanarayana, https://thesai.org/Publications/ViewPaper?Volume=1&Issue=6&Code=IJACSA&SerialNo=23
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