Symmetric Key Algorithms

You already learned about symmetric key ciphers and the major issue with symmetric keys. Read the section in this article on symmetric key encryptions to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of symmetric keys. There is more information about symmetric key ciphers in this article that will be covered in more detail later in this unit, but this article will give you a preview of 3DES, IDEA, and AES ciphers. View the flashcard tool as well to better understand and to learn the terms used in cryptography such as plaintext, ciphertext, key, encryption, decryption, countermeasure, symmetric key encryption, and block cipher.

1. Introduction

Cryptography is used to provide confidentiality and integrity, two of the tenets of the CIA triad. It employs encryption to make data unreadable by transforming it into ciphertext. In addition, cryptography is used to provide assurance of a message's author, source authentication, and delivery proof. This lesson discusses cryptography techniques and implementations used to secure data in the enterprise.

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