More on RC4

Read the section on RC4 in this article. Try to mentally follow the steps for encryption with the algorithm. What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of RC4 as noted in this article?

  1. Confidentiality

    It is a service used to keep the content in a secret manner and when the Information is transmitted it has

    Plain Text Encryption

    Cipher Text


    Plain Text

    Figure 1. Encryption and Decryption Block Diagram

    to be accessed only by the authorized party and not by anyone else [2].

  2. Authentication

    The Authentication service is related to identification. Two parties entering into communication should identify each other. Information received by any system has to check the identity of the sender that whether the information is arriving from a authorized person or a false identity [2].

  3. Data Integrity

    This service addresses the unauthorized alteration of data. The information has not been altered by unauthorized or unknown that means no one in between the sender and receiver are allowed to alter the given message [2].

  4. Non Repudiation

    It prevents either sender or receiver from denying the message. Thus when a message is sent, the receiver can prove that the message was in fact send by the alleged sender. Similarly, when a message is received, the sender can prove the alleged receiver in fact received the message [2].

  5. Access Control

    This Access Control service is used to provide the access of information only to the authorized parties.