Data Warehouses and Data Mining

This article gives a detailed summary of the role of data warehouses and data mining, and their relationship to organizational databases. As you read, pay attention to how data warehouses are used to improve decision-making in organizations. Keep a summary in your notes of how an organization you are involved with could benefit from data mining and data warehousing.

Web Mining

Web mining is a specialized application of data mining. Web mining is a technique to process information available on the web and search for useful data. Web mining enables us to discover web pages, text documents, multimedia filed, images, and other types of resources from the web. Pattern extraction is a web mining process to monitor the original or uploaded web pages, extract information from them, and generate matches of a specific pattern with necessary information specified by a user. Web mining is widely used in several fields. The various fields where web mining is applied are ECommerce, Information filtering, Fraud detection, Plagiarism detection, Education, and research.