Mary Meeker's 2016 Internet Trends Report

Mary Meeker, a venture capitalist and the head of Bond Capital, presented her research on the upcoming trends in Internet technologies in 2016. Her yearly presentation has become quite an industry event and a trend in itself.  As you watch, identify two or three key trends that interest you most.

Re-Imagining People and Computers: Transportation

Another new paradigm, says Meeker, as she explores over 24 slides the myriad and rapid developments and changes happening in one of the most evolutionary industries. A large part of this segment looks at the evolution of the auto industry and how new entrants to the field have fared and are faring.

It's notable that the USA has the potential to be the hub of a global auto industry once more, Meeker says, as it has many key components of the new ecosystem that is rapidly coming to the fore.

Much of the USA's leader potential lies in areas related to technology and innovation, from Tesla's leadership in electric-powered sports cars (and battery tech), to Google's autonomous driving experimentation, to NVIDIA providing the graphics power for new-generation high-resolution digital dashboards and second screens, to disruptive innovators such as Uber.

And Uber, along with other ride-sharing services, is getting attention from some car makers, notably GM and Ford as they 're-imagine' their industry.

And Meeker speculates on what a 'Second Golden Age' for auto makers might look like, with some provocative questions.