The People in Information Systems

In this chapter, you will learn about the "people" component of management information systems. As you read, think about the Decision Support Systems video and the importance that each person plays in the success of an organization, not just the successful implementation of the technology.

Managing Information Systems

Project Managers

Gantt Chart for managing projects

Information systems projects are notorious for going over budget and being delivered late. In many cases a failed IT project can spell doom for a company. A project manager is responsible for keeping projects on time and on budget. This person works with the stakeholders of the project to keep the team organized and communicates the status of the project to management. Gantt charts, shown above, are used to graphically illustrate a project's schedule, tasks, and resources.

A project manager does not have authority over the project team. Instead, the project manager coordinates schedules and resources in order to maximize the project outcomes. This leader must be a good communicator and an extremely organized person. A project manager should also have good people skills. Many organizations require each of their project managers to become certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP).