Factors Affecting Demand

Read this to learn about how factors that affect demand, such as income and change in tastes, are graphed as shifts of the demand curve. Make sure to answer the "Try It" questions.

The Effect of Income on Demand

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Question 1

Alexis owns a small business selling power tools. This past month she has noticed that the quantity demanded for high-end electric drills has decreased by 25%. Which of the following demand curve shifting events is a possible explanation for this change?

    • Customers' incomes have decreased.
    • The price of electric drills has increased.
    • Customers' incomes have increased.

Question 2

Over the past century the quantity of potatoes purchased by Irish consumers has fallen significantly, while incomes have grown exponentially. Meanwhile potatoes are still the cheapest source of calories available to the consumer. From this information it would be correct to assume that potatoes are a(n) ________ good.

    • essential
    • normal
    • inferior