Fundamentals of UML Diagrams

A diagram is the graphical presentation of a set of elements. UML has a lot of different diagrams. Read this section, and make sure you can differentiate between different diagrams.

3. Using the <> relationship

3.1. Sequence and Collaboration Diagrams

When developing Object-Oriented software, anything our software needs to do is going to be achieved by objects collaborating. We can draw a collaboration diagram to describe how we want the objects we built to collaborate. 

Both sequence diagrams and collaboration diagrams are kinds of interaction diagrams.

  • They both describe the flow of messages between objects.
  • They are very useful for describing the procedural flow through many objects.
  • Interaction diagrams consisting of a set of objects and their relationships, including the messages that may be dispatched among them
  • Both are interaction diagrams which address the dynamic view of a system
  • They are models that describes how a group of objects collaborate in some behaviour, typically a single use case