Fundamentals of UML Diagrams

A diagram is the graphical presentation of a set of elements. UML has a lot of different diagrams. Read this section, and make sure you can differentiate between different diagrams.

4. Summary on UML Diagrams

In this activity, you have learnt about UML diagrams and their use context. Each diagram in UML provides a certain view of the software under development. When creating a diagram, the following can be a guide question for each:

  • Use Cases – How will our system interact with the outside world? 
  • Class Diagram – What objects do we need? How will they be related? 
  • Collaboration Diagram – How will the objects interact? 
  • Sequence Diagram – How will the objects interact? 
  • Statechart (or state) Diagram – What states should our objects be in? 
  • Component Diagram – How will our software components be related? 
  • Deployment Diagram – How will the software be deployed