UML Sequence Diagrams

During the requirements analysis phase, the system can be treated as a single "black box", which means that we can look at the system's behavior (what it does) without explaining how it does it. Read this section to see an example of a simplified trace diagram that shows only system input events. This is called a system sequence diagram.

6. Conclusion

System concepts can be identified by investigating the requirement document which includes: system function, use cases and other initial reports on the domain. A conceptual model show the static view of associations of concepts, they include as shown in Figure: 3.8 above; Concepts, Relationship or association between concepts and Attributes of concepts. The following elements are not suitable in a conceptual model:

  • A software artifact, such as a window or a database, unless the domain being modeled is of software concepts, such as a model of a graphical user interface. 
  • Operations (responsibilities) or methods.