Object-Oriented Analysis

Analysis emphasizes an investigation and understanding of the problem domain and requirements, rather than a solution. Read this section to learn more about some of the terms and concepts related to requirements and their types. These terms can seem ambiguous at first, but we will quickly learn how they relate to one another.

3. An Overview of the Project

This is a sentence which gives the purpose of the project. This should describe the need for the system. e.g. 

The project intends to create a standalone system for ……………….



The purpose of this project is to create a point-of-sale terminal system to be used in retail sales. This is to describe how the system fits into the overall business or strategic objectives of the organization commissioning the software. 

The goals of the POST system can be stated as: 

In general the goal is increased checkout automation, to support faster, better and cheaper services and business processes. More specifically, these include: 

  • Quick checkout for the customer, 
  • Fast and accurate sales analysis, 
  • Automatic inventory control.
Note: The overview and the goals can be combined into an introduction section in the document.