Introduction to Programming in Java

This page extends on the previous resource to delve deeper into Java itself, relating its use to its history.

4. Installing the Java Development Kit

4.4. For Windows Users

  • From the Control Panel, double click "System" (System and Maintenance in Vista)
  • For Windows 7 or Vista, click on "System," "Advanced System Settings" on the left, and then on "Environment Variables".
  • For XP and 2000, click on the "Advanced" tab and click on "Environment Variables" For NT, click on the "Environment" tab.
  • Select the Path variable and click "Edit"
  • Add the path to the bin directory of where Java is installed on your hard drive. It should probably be: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_20\bin unless you changed it during installation.
  • Click OK