Change Management

A critical component of project monitoring and control is change management. As business requirements and operating environments change all the time, the project manager has to manage change throughout the software development cycle from acquisition, supply, development, operation, and then maintenance. The guiding principles, techniques, and tools for change management are discussed in this chapter.

Application Change Management

Historical Decision Logging

At the beginning of the project, the project manager and SE decide to use tools to store the decision process. This means that either electronic group meetings are used or that a written version of meetings and decisions is maintained and stored in word processed form. With electronic meetings, the electronic transcripts are maintained. With manual recording, the old version is updated and renamed when a document changes. For instance, functional specifications for ABC might be named ABCFSmmddyy, where ABC is the company, FS abbreviates Functional Specification, and mmddyy is the date. The date portion of the name would change for every major change of the document. The change management procedure in the next section would be followed.