Change Management

A critical component of project monitoring and control is change management. As business requirements and operating environments change all the time, the project manager has to manage change throughout the software development cycle from acquisition, supply, development, operation, and then maintenance. The guiding principles, techniques, and tools for change management are discussed in this chapter.

Automated Tools for Change Management

Tools for Reverse Engineering of Software

Reverse engineering tools are rapidly becoming sophisticated enough that the needs for human intervention and extensive training to understand them are diminishing. Several CASE products support reverse engineering through the analysis of code to determine data and process structures that underlie the code (see Table 18-4). Individual programs are analyzed at this point. By the next century, whole applications will be able to be analyzed with intelligent functions pointing out inconsistencies and errors across the old 'spaghetti' code. All tools represented in this section are available in the market and are rated as usefully working products.