Dividing Polynomials by Binomials

Read the section on dividing a polynomial by a binomial. Pay attention to the review of long division, since it will help you understand the technique. Review the solution to example 6.84 to see how to divide a trinomial by a binomial. Then, review the solution to example 6.85 to see how we handle dividing by a subtraction binomial. Be careful, and make sure you keep track of the negative sign.

After you study these examples, complete questions 6.167 through 6.170 in the Try It section.

TRY IT 6.167-6.170

TRY IT 6.167

Find the quotient: \left(y^{2}+10 y+21\right) \div(y+3).

TRY IT 6.168

Find the quotient: \left(m^{2}+9 m+20\right) \div(m+4).

TRY IT 6.169

Find the quotient: \left(2 x^{2}-3 x-20\right) \div(x-4).

TRY IT 6.170

Find the quotient: \left(3 x^{2}-16 x-12\right) \div(x-6).