Advanced Transactions and Scripting

This chapter covers advanced transactions and scripting. Here, we will learn about different transaction types and the scripts that create them. You'll use concepts like pay-to-script-hash and multi-sig in almost any Bitcoin development project.


In the previous chapter, we introduced the basic elements of bitcoin transactions and looked at the most common type of transaction script, the P2PKH script. In this chapter we will look at more advanced scripting and how we can use it to build transactions with complex conditions.

First, we will look at multisignature scripts. Next, we will examine the second most common transaction script, Pay-to-Script-Hash, which opens up a whole world of complex scripts. Then, we will examine new script operators that add a time dimension to bitcoin, through timelocks. Finally, we will look at Segregated Witness, an architectural change to the structure of transactions.

Source: Andreas M. Antonopoulos,
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License.