Time, Velocity, and Speed

Read this text which explains what we mean when we talk about instantaneous versus average time, velocity, and speed. Note that we will explore the calculations you see in this text in detail in Section 2.4 below. For now, make sure you understand what these concepts mean before we begin discussing distance and displacement next.


Snails leaving slime trails as they race each other along a flat surface.

Figure 2.8 The motion of these racing snails can be described by their speeds and their velocities.

There is more to motion than distance and displacement. Questions such as, "How long does a foot race take?" and "What was the runner's speed?" cannot be answered without an understanding of other concepts. In this section we add definitions of time, velocity, and speed to expand our description of motion.

Source: Rice University, https://openstax.org/books/college-physics/pages/2-3-time-velocity-and-speed
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