Measures of Central Location

This section elaborates on mean, median, and mode at the population level and sample level. This section also contains many interesting examples of range, variance, and standard deviation. Complete the exercises and check your answers.

Measures of Variability


1. R=3, s^{2}=1.7, s=1.3

3. R=6, s^{2}=7. \overline{3}, s=2.7

5. R=6, s^{2}=7.3, s=2.7.

7. R=30, s^{2}=103.2, s=10.2.

9. \bar{x}=28.55, s=1.3.

11. a. \bar{x}=2063, \widetilde{x}=2000, mode =2000.

b. R=3400.

c. s=869.

13. All are 17.

15. \{1,1,1\}

17. One example is \{-.5,0,.5\}.

19. a. R=1350 and s=212.5455

b. R=4.00 and s=0.7407

21. a. R=4.00 and \sigma=0.740375

b. R=3.04 and s=0.808045

c. R=2.49 and s=0.657843