Introduction to Sampling Distributions

This section introduces sampling distribution using a concrete, discrete example, followed by a continuous example. This section also discusses sampling distributions' relationship to inferential statistics.

Introduction to Sampling Distributions


Question 1 out of 3.
When does the sampling distribution equal the relative frequency distribution?

When the distribution is discrete

When the distribution is continuous

When there are at least 20 samples

When there are infinite samples

When it's the sampling distribution of the mean

Question 2 out of 3.
Select all that apply. Which of these statistics has a sampling distribution?




Standard Deviation

Pearson's r

Question 3 out of 3.
What is the standard error of the mean?

The standard deviation of the sampling distribution of the mean

The standard deviation of the standard normal distribution

The amount the scores in the population vary from the mean

The difference between the mean of your first sample and the mean of your second sample