Research Public Companies Through EDGAR: A Guide for Investors

This is a great introduction to resources that you can use to research any public company. All public companies must report their financials; quarterly reports, end of year tax forms, changes in top management, and so on. If you ever need to look up a company, this will give you the tools you need to navigate the public records system.


K. Researching Mutual Funds and Variable Insurance Products

EDGAR includes searches specific to mutual funds and variable insurance products. They include searches for: 

  • Mutual Fund Prospectuses
  • Mutual Fund Proxy Voting
  • Mutual Fund Searches
  • Variable Insurance Products

The latter two searches are for filings from February 6, 2006, to the present. The searches will help investors identify filings by both individual mutual fund and share class or variable insurance products by series and class/contract name. If you are researching older filings, you should keep in mind that a single prospectus might contain information about many mutual funds and share classes. You will not be able to search these filings simply by looking for the name of the fund.

Mutual fund prospectuses are often designated in EDGAR as form type "485". Other form types for mutual funds include:

Form Type


Form N-SAR

Semi-annual report for management companies

Form N-CSR

Certified annual shareholder report

Form N-PX

Annual report of proxy voting record

Form N-Q

Quarterly Schedule of Portfolio Holdings