Modes of Rhetoric

Structure doesn't just stop at a single sentence. We use organizational structures to determine the best ways to fit sentences together in a text. Authors choose a mode, rhetoric, or organization scheme that is most appropriate for their message and place their sentences in that order. By recognizing these modes of rhetoric, we can see how authors may revise a text to make it clear to the reader. Review these examples for ways to organize sentences.

Modes of Rhetoric

What is it?

When we refer to "modes of rhetoric" what we're really talking about is how words, sentences, and ideas fit together. When they follow a pattern these elements make more sense to the reader.

In this lesson, we'll consider the different ways texts can be organized to present the clearest message.

We'll review the following patterns:

  1. Chronology
  2. Order of Importance
  3. Narrative
  4. Cause and Effect

Source: Saylor Academy
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