Supply Chain Management Case Study

Read this journal article, which examines supply chain management drivers and the motivation of sustainability for manufacturing enterprise supply chains in Pakistan.


This study aims to investigate the drivers of supply chain management and green initiative sustainability in manufacturing enterprises. As mentioned by Shahzadi et al., the sustainability is measured through drivers of the supply chain. The results of the study proved that drivers of the supply chain have a significant impact on supply chain sustainability to protect environment. These findings are in line with the preceding studies of Kaynak et al., Niemann et al. and Shahzadi et al., who proposed that close facility location to distribution, effective replenishment of inventory, suppliers' and customers' easy access to information, transportation management with short routing logistics, green sourcing, and suitable pricing approach lead to sustainability of supply chain activities. The results of this study indicate that manufacturing enterprises are interested in inventory management since it influences market position. The findings of inventory management are consistent with literature findings because effective management of inventory reduces waste and ensure prompt response of recycling, confined in the study of Martínez-Jurado and Moyano-Fuentes. The findings further suggest that manufacturing companies should focus on green drivers of the supply chain to enhance manufacturing capacities and satisfy potential stakeholders.

Moreover, the other drivers such as facility, information, and sourcing are in a positive relationship with the sustainability of the green initiative. Therefore, it should be noticed that sustainability could only be derived from a focus on supply chain drivers stated in the study by Türkayet al.. It has been notified from research results that drivers of the supply chain have positive influences on the sustainability of manufacturing firms. Therefore, supply chain managers and procurement managers should understand the importance of green initiatives such as reverse logistics, reduced carbon footprints, recycling of disposed of goods, and lean manufacturing. The improvement in manufacturing capabilities will increase production capacities of Pakistan and ensure preventive measurement to protect environment.