Identifying Bottlenecks

Read this article. It describes an example-generic production process and seeks to identify bottlenecks within the overall process. Focus on the Theory of Constraints, its uses, and its approach to production efficiency.

Identification of bottlenecks and analysis of the state before applying lean management


The analysis of the production process from the time operations point of view is very important method use in Lean management to improve the whole process. In this paper we describe example of this type analysis on the example of industrial organization from automotive industry. The aim of presented paper is to identify the bottleneck in the production process and to analyse operations times in the production process. On the basis of the carried out preliminary analysis it was stated that the lack of proper organization of the place and time of work, lack of proper preparation in terms of content and equipment, lack of proper work standards, and what unfortunately in the case of the RZ machine are very important factors of losses.

Source: Radosław Wolniak, Bożena Skotnicka-Zasadzień, and Anna Gębalska-Kwiecień,
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