Quality and Operations Management in Food Supply Chains

Read this article. The authors present a review of quality and operations management problems associated with food supply chains. In regard to transportation, how can a supply chain improve the transportation problems of perishables?


We present a literature review on quality and operations management problems in food supply chains. In food industry, the quality of the food products declines over time and should be addressed in the supply chain operations management. Managing food supply chains with operations management methods not only generates economic benefit, but also contributes to environmental and social benefits. The literature on this topic has been burgeoning in the past few years. Since 2005, more than 100 articles have been published on this topic in major operations research and management science journals. In this literature review, we concentrate on the quantitative models in this research field and classify the related articles into four categories, that is, storage problems, distribution problems, marketing problems, and food traceability and safety problems. We hope that this review serves as a reference for interested researchers and a starting point for those who wish to explore it further.

Source: Yong He, Hongfu Huang, Dong Li, Chunming Shi, and Sarah J. Wu, https://www.hindawi.com/journals/jfq/2018/7279491/
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