Total Quality Management (TQM) for Sustainable Customer Loyalty

Read this article. The paper seeks to demonstrate how implementing TQM can be a precursor to sustainable customer loyalty. While reading, reflect on how your favorite store or brand seeks to maintain your satisfaction and loyalty. What in particular do they do that keeps you a loyal customer?


In conclusion, TQM is seen as a means to change some economies into a more competitive one, but the TQM implementation is lengthy, difficult, and complex, it involves huge efforts from employee's top management and organizations as a whole. The implementation of TQM can be seen as a process of transformational change within the organization. In order to cope with this change, it is necessary that the leadership of the organization encourage, uphold enthusiasm throughout the organization and also identify useful ways to overcome barriers in order to successfully complete the implementation of TQM system. The role of top management is an important factor in implementing TQM in the organization. Therefore, the success or failure of TQM implementation in the organization is part of top management responsibility.