Garage Location Selection for Public Transportation System in Istanbul

Read this article. The study covered uses various tools to determine the best location for bus garages to operate including maintenance and repair activities. Focus on Figure 1 in the Methodology section as it visually demonstrates the analytical process.


We try to determine the best location for a bus garage, in which maintenance and repair activities are operated, for public transportation system in Istanbul. An integrated multicriteria decision making technique (MCDM) is used to obtain reliable results. Firstly, various criteria related to garage location selection are specified and weighted by fuzzy AHP (analytical hierarchy process). Then, these weights are used in fuzzy axiomatic design (AD) technique to determine the precedencies of the alternative garage locations.

Source: Özge Nalan Bilişik, Nurgül Demirtaş, Umut Rıfat Tuzkaya, and Hayri Baraçlı,
Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.