Managing Supplier Relationship in a Typical Public Procurement Entity in Ghana

Read this article. The idea is to determine ways of managing supplier relations in order to improve procurement performance. After reading this article, what is your own definition of supplier relations?

Limitations and Direction for Future Research

The study was concerned with managing supplier relationships in a typical public procurement entity in Ghana: outcome and challenges. It was also aimed at identifying the best strategy of managing supplier relationship that engenders value for money. The major limitation is that the study focused on a single public entity so the scope was narrow. Also, supplier relationship management could be different from the private sector which this study did not capture as well. One of the greatest challenges that the researchers encountered in this study related to access to and collection of secondary data due to extreme data gaps situations in the country. However, these limitations did not affect the validity and reliability of the study.

In future, it is recommended the scope of the study should be broadened to cover several public institutions in the country. It is even possible for a comparative study of supplier relationship management to be conducted in order to make an effective generalization of findings.