Integrated Production-Inventory Supply Chain Model

Read this article. An integrated production-inventory model is constructed to address supplier, manufacturer, and retailer uncertainties. According to the author, what are the three types of uncertainties in supply chain management?


In this paper, an integrated production-inventory model is presented for a supplier, manufacturer, and retailer supply chain under conditionally permissible delay in payments in uncertain environments. The supplier produces the item at a certain rate, which is a decision variable, and purchases the item to the manufacturer. The manufacturer has also purchased and produced the item in a finite rate. The manufacturer sells the product to the retailer and also gives the delay in payment to the retailer. The retailer purchases the item from the manufacture to sell it to the customers. Ideal costs of supplier, manufacturer, and retailer have been taken into account. An integrated model has been developed and solved analytically in crisp and uncertain environments, and finally, corresponding individual profits are calculated numerically and graphically.

Source: Dipak Kumar Jana, Kalipada Maity, and Tapan Kumar Roy,
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