Integrated Production-Inventory Supply Chain Model

Read this article. An integrated production-inventory model is constructed to address supplier, manufacturer, and retailer uncertainties. According to the author, what are the three types of uncertainties in supply chain management?

Achievements and conclusion of the model

In this model, we developed a three-layer production-inventory supply chain model in an uncertain environment. Here, the suppliers are also the manufacturers; they collect the raw material (ore) and produce the raw material of the actual manufacturer. For example, in the petroleum industry, suppliers collect the ore and produce the naphthalene, which is the raw material of the manufacturer. Then manufacturer produces the usable product to sell to the retailer. In this paper, we have developed a production-inventory supply chain model under an uncertain environment. The paper can be extended to imperfect production-inventory system. Deterioration can be allowed for produced items of the retailer and manufacturer. In the case of the retailer, it might be interesting to consider the effect that only a percent of imperfect quality products could be reworked by manufacturers and that other scrap items must be eliminated immediately. In order to show the uncertainties, the present model could be extended, applying stochastic demand and production rate in each member of the supply chain. These are some topics of ongoing and future research, among others.