Complexity Assessment of Assembly Supply Chains from the Sustainability Viewpoint

The main point of the paper is to address supply chain networks in terms of sustainability. How can customization of physical networks help to better manage demand?


Finally, it is useful to emphasize that the presented research construct and obtained findings are pertinent for ASCs for the completion of standard products, i.e., not for those that are mass customized. Mass customization, as a new paradigm, also brings significant changes into the assembly process principles. For example, ASCs in terms of mass customization have to be as modular as possible, and it means that modularity has to be considered as a primary property of ASCs. Taking this fact into consideration, the structural complexity of ASCs can be seen as only a complementary indicator to optimize ASCs. Accordingly, the featured related research could be oriented specially to study relations between the complexity and modularity of ASCs in terms of mass customization.