More Multiply and Divide Fractions Word Problems Exercises

Here are some more practice problems on dividing fractions word problems. Be sure to check your answers.


1. Sally has been measuring a flower for a science project. The flower has grown \dfrac{1}{2} of a centimeter each day and grown a total of 2 centimeters taller.

How many days has Sally been measuring this flower?

____ days

2. Lisa has \dfrac{1}{3} of an hour to read and watch television. She wants to split her time equally between the two activities.

How much time would she spend on each activity?

_____ of an hour

3. Matt is filling containers of rice. Each container holds \dfrac{1}{4} of a kilogram of rice.

If Matt has 7 kilograms of rice, how many containers can he fill?

_____ containers

4. Tommy will spend \dfrac{1}{5} of his time this weekend studying for his 4 final exams.

What fraction of the weekend will he spend studying for each of his 4 exams if he spends the same amount of time studying for each exam?

_____ of the weekend

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