Expressing Ratios as Fractions Exercises

Complete this assessment to practice expressing ratios as fractions and check your answers.


1. Quinn is playing video games at a virtual reality game room. The game room charges 20 dollars for every 30 minutes of play time.

How much does Quinn need to pay for 150 minutes of play time?

_______ dollars

2. Bao can eat 12 chicken wings in 3 minutes. She eats the chicken wings at a constant rate.

How many chicken wings can Bao eat in 12 minutes?

_______ chicken wings

3. Finley makes 1 batch of her favorite shade of orange paint by mixing 5 liters of yellow paint with 3 liters of red paint.

How many batches of orange paint can Finley make if she has 15 liters of red paint?


4. Justin's rice ball recipe uses 100 grams of rice to make 1 rice ball. Justin has 700 grams of rice.

How many rice balls can Justin make with 700 grams of rice?

_______ rice balls

Source: Khan Academy,
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