Reading Pictographs Exercises

Complete this assessment to practice reading pictographs. Be sure to check your answers.

Reading Pictographs Exercises

  1. Mrs. Walls made a picture graph to show how many bug stickers her students have.

    How many more bug stickers does the person with the most stickers have than the person with the fewest stickers?

  2. Look at the following graph.

    Which farm has fewer ponies than Horse Haven?
    Choose 1 Answer:
    • Riding Ranch
    • Pony Pasture
    • Fancy Farm

  3. A group of friends made a graph of the number of shooting stars each person saw last month.

    Who saw more shooting stars than Lucas saw, but fewer than Mike saw?
    Choose 1 answer:
    • Anna
    • Jackson
    • Simone

  4. Look at the following graph.

    Which mice ate the same amount of cheese?
    Choose 2 answers:
    • Missy Mouse
    • Beady
    • Whiskers
    • Tiny Toes

  5. Naama graphed how many acorns the squirrels at the nature center ate.

    How many more acorns did the squirrel with the most acorns eat than the squirrel with the fewest acorns?

  6. Look at the following graph.

    Which squirrels ate more than 10101010 acorns?
    Choose 3 answers:
    • Scamper
    • Nutsy
    • Stripe
    • Fluffy

  7. Laura worked as a lifeguard at the pool. She made a graph of the number of days she worked each month.

    In which month did Laura work more days than in September but fewer days than in August?
    Choose 1 answer:
    • May
    • June
    • July