The Effects of using Business Intelligence Systems

Read this article on how start-up companies use business intelligence systems in their decision-making processes. It presents the objectives of using business intelligence, what companies need to use it successfully, and its applications in a start-up.


The rapid increase in data volumes in companies has meant that momentous and comprehensive information gathering is barely possible by manual means. Business intelligence solutions can help here. They provide tools with appropriate technologies to assist with the collection, integration, storage, editing, and analysis of existing data. While almost only large companies were interested in this topic a few years ago, it has meanwhile also become necessary for start-up companies, and so the market for business intelligence has been growing for years. This article focuses on the general potentials of using BI in start-ups. First, will be examined which providers of BI solutions that are suitable for start-ups and what opportunities exist for implementing BI systems in start-ups. Then it will be shown to what extent BI has prevailed in start-ups, in which areas the techniques of BI are used in start-ups and what purpose BI has in start-ups. Finally, the success factors for BI projects in start-ups are considered.

Keywords: Business Intelligence, BI, BI-Projects, BI-Providers, Market-Analysis, Decision-Making, Start-Ups

Source: Otmane Azeroual and Horst Theel,
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