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1.1: Overview of Ethics 1.1 Discussion

  1. Do you agree with the differences in the definitions of ethics and morals? Why or why not? 
  2. What would you add to these definitions? What would you delete from them?

2.1: Introduction to Environmental Ethics and Approaches 2.1 Discussion

After you have studied all four viewpoints, attempt to identify which of these views is closest to your own beliefs. Or, explain why these views are not close to any of your beliefs. This can often be hard to do, and while we may think that our ethics regarding the environment rest in one place, ...

2.3: Religious Views of the Environment 2.3 Discussion
Compare and contrast the eight religions/belief systems you have encountered in this unit. A good way to start this analysis is to list each religious viewpoint and look for similarities and differences, you can also do this in a chart format. Then post your findings and the trends that are most ...
3.1: The History and Key Events of the Environmental Ethics Movement 3.1 Discussion

Explain what Earth Day means to you and how you can apply this to your daily activities. Give specific examples on what you currently do to help. What possible activities you could do in the future to help more?

4.1: Environmental Justice 4.1 Discussion

How can governments tackle the issues of environmental injustices? What can we do internationally? Brainstorm some ideas for what would work in your community and what has not worked well in the past.

5.2: Environmental Law in the United States 5.2 Discussion

Did you know that the ESA not only protects and preserves species, it also protects local economies? Example: Protecting salmon species supports commercial and recreational fishing. 

Search online and find another species that is currently being protected so as to support a local economy.