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2.1: How to Prepare for a Crisis: Crisis Communication Plan Discussion: Section 2.1

  1. Using a company you are familiar with, develop a strategic plan as described in the Exploring Business text in this subunit. Use the bulleted list under the "Develop a Strategic Plan" section as a checklist for the items you should include in your plan: a mission statement, core values, ...
2.5: Dealing with News Media Discussion: Section 2.5

After reviewing the course materials in this unit, consider the following questions. 

  1. Describe a real-world situation that may lead to a crisis that needs to be managed. What is the situation? How did you anticipate this as leading to a crisis? What might you do to plan to resolve or ...
5.1: Practice Writing Key Messages that Tell Your Company's Story Discussion: Section 5.1
  1. Write three marketing messages that address the safety and value of a new social media application that helps parents keep track of their children's departure to and from their homes aboard school buses. Include that the cost for the app is only $10 to download. Each app can be customized ...