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1.2: The Components of an Information System Section 1.2 Discussion

Suppose that you had to explain to a member of your family or one of your closest friends the concept of an information system. How would you define it? Write a one-paragraph description in your own words that you feel would best describe an information system to your friends or family.

2.2: Software Section 2.2 Discussion

If you were running a small business with limited funds for information technology, would you consider using cloud computing? Find some web-based resources that support your decision. Explain your decision in at least two paragraphs. Hint: you can find materials about this decision by searching ...

4.1: Information Systems and Strategy Section 4.1 Discussion

If you were implementing an ERP system, in which cases would you be more inclined to modify the ERP to match your business processes? What are the drawbacks of doing this? Do some independent research to support your conclusions.

4.2: The People in Information Systems Section 4.2 Discussion

IT offshoring is a very controversial issue because it shifts jobs to other countries. At the same time, it has the potential to decrease the organization’s costs significantly. Whether offshoring is good or bad for the people of affected countries is an issue of constant controversy. Explain how...