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2.1: Synonyms 2.1 Discussion: Synonyms

After you have read the page on synonyms, make a list of five words related to education, then pair each word with a synonym. For example, "grade" and "score" or "test" and "exam". When you finish, post your list in the discussion forum. Read what your classmates posted and see what new words you...

2.2: Antonyms 2.2 Discussion: Antonyms

After you read the page on antonyms, take the list of five words related to education that you created in the previous section and pair each word with an antonym. For example, an antonym for "educated" is "uneducated" and an antonym for "well-read" is "uninformed". Remember to read what your ...

3.2: Combining Ideas 3.2 Discussion: Putting Ideas Together
Share your "It Says, I Say, And So" responses on the discussion forum. What answers did your classmates have? How were their responses different or similar to yours? If you'd like, respond to your classmates' posts.
4.3: Write About Your Conclusions 4.3 Discussion: Write About Your Conclusions

In the previous exercise, you were prompted to provide your conclusion on the short text about Jack. Post your conclusion in the discussion forum, and be sure to review and respond to another student's post.