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2.2: Inflation, Nominal GDP, and Real GDP 2.2 Discussion

Compare and contrast the inflation rate and the changes in prices that occur within markets. Including borrowers and savers, which groups benefit and which lose as a consequence of inflation? Provide an example of a situation in which there are too many dollars chasing too few goods.

Unit 2 Discussion Unit 2 Discussion

Identify the two basic approaches to measuring GDP. How do they differ? Explain why the amounts of the two approaches are unequal. What are the three major goals of macroeconomics? Explain which goal is the most important to you and/or someone you know. Why is GDP an inappropriate measure of ...

4.1: Short-Run and Long-Run Macroeconomic Equilibrium 4.1 Discussion

Perhaps you will find other students with whom you can discuss possible solutions to the deflationary trap in which Japan finds itself. Consider this: the US may soon be in the same kind of deflationary trap as Japan. What do you think can be done?

5.2: Structure and Powers of the Federal Reserve System 5.2 Discussion

Discuss the Fed's independence from government? Why is it important for the central bank to be independent from government? What is the outcome in other countries whose central bank is controlled by the government? Do you think the U.S. Federal Reserve has too much influence and power over the U....

Unit 6 Discussion and Assessment Unit 6 Discussion

How does a budget deficit differ from the national debt? What are the types of lags encountered when using fiscal policy? Which of the types do you think is the most realistic? Explain your reasoning. Explain some consequences of pursuing a balanced budget during a severe economic contraction and...