Discussion: Section 5.1

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Discussion: Section 5.1

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  1. Write three marketing messages that address the safety and value of a new social media application that helps parents keep track of their children's departure to and from their homes aboard school buses. Include that the cost for the app is only $10 to download. Each app can be customized with an individual child's genetic coding.
  2. Next, write three key messages on how a technology company is providing smartphones equipped with the same social media applications to help locate lost or missing children during an earthquake disaster. The devices will emit a special beep when a human is discovered buried deep under rumble or within horizontal ranges from 20 feet to 1 mile. Include that there is no cost for the apps, the smartphones, or the operators who are using them to help locate the children. Everything is free and being donated by one nonprofit company named "Help on the Way".

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by Mohamed Osman -
Scenario 1: Internal Security Breach with Physical Threat

Objective: Assess the company's ability to handle a disgruntled employee causing a data center fire and communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders.

Description: A disgruntled employee intentionally sets fire to a critical data center, endangering employees and damaging IT infrastructure.

Key Considerations:

Employee safety: Evacuation procedures and ensuring everyone's accounted for.
Emergency response: Calling fire services and coordinating efforts.
IT asset protection: Securing and recovering data after the fire.
Internal communication: Informing employees without causing panic.
External communication: Managing reputation by informing clients, partners, and media.
Legal implications: Addressing potential legal issues arising from the fire.
Scenario 2: External Environmental Disaster

Objective: Evaluate the company's preparedness to protect employees and communicate during a nearby chemical plant explosion.

Description: An explosion releases toxins, prompting the need for immediate evacuation due to the health risks.

Key Considerations:

Employee safety: Immediate evacuation and ensuring everyone's safe.
Emergency response: Coordinating with authorities for assistance.
Internal communication: Informing employees and families about safety measures and company actions.
External communication: Keeping the public and media informed about the company's status and response.
Long-term communication: Addressing potential health concerns and environmental impact.
Scenario 3: Pandemic Flu Outbreak

Objective: Test the company's readiness to operate and communicate during a pandemic flu crisis.

Description: A widespread flu outbreak disrupts operations, requiring changes like remote work and enhanced safety protocols.

Key Considerations:

Remote work: Implementing remote work options and necessary technologies.
Employee communication: Keeping employees informed about health guidelines, operational changes, and company support.
Public health collaboration: Working with authorities for guidance.
External communication: Informing clients and partners about potential impact on services.
Transparency with employees: Addressing concerns and maintaining trust.
Overall Importance of Crisis Communication Planning:
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Re: Discussion: Section 5.1

by Raden Ayu Annisa Maharani Wulandari -

1. "Introducing the ultimate solution for parental peace of mind – our groundbreaking social media app for tracking school bus routes. Priced at just $10, it's a small investment for the safety and security of your child. With personalized genetic coding options, you'll have real-time updates on your child's whereabouts during their commute. Safety shouldn't break the bank – get started with our affordable app today!"


Key Messages for the Smartphone Technology Provided by "Help on the Way":

  1. "In times of crisis, every second counts. That's why 'Help on the Way' is proud to provide free smartphones equipped with life-saving social media apps to aid in locating lost or missing children during earthquakes. With no cost for the apps, smartphones, or operator assistance, we're dedicated to ensuring every child's safety. Together, let's make a difference when it matters most."