Active vs. Passive Reading

Watch this video, which walks through different active reading strategies to improve your ability to understand and recall the material that you read. As you watch, try adopting the active reading advice you learned in the last article.

  • As you watch, make brief notes of key ideas, as well as any words or concepts you don't understand well.
  • Next, take a few moments to reflect on the video. What was the most memorable part of the video? What is one new piece of information you learned? What questions do you have about the video?
  • Review your notes. If you do not understand all of the main points, watch the video a second time. You don't have to watch the whole thing again – it's okay to just review sections that address the specific questions you have.
  • Finally, add to or revise your initial notes. Were you able to answer your unresolved questions? Can you list the most important "take-aways" from the video? In other words, what are 2 or 3 things from this video that you want to remember?

Source: Literacy4DS
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