Guide to Responding to the Sherlock Holmes Writing Prompt

Grading Rubric for Sherlock Holmes Writing Prompt Activity.

Use the rubric below to assess your Sherlock Holmes paragraph. Give yourself an honest assessment, so you can improve as you progress through the course. For each category (topic sentence, supporting sentences, and so on), decide whether your work meets the standard, partially meets the standard, or does not meet the standard. Give yourself the number of points indicated for each of the nine required categories to determine your grade (please see the grading key below). Alternatively, it may help to give your work to a friend or peer to grade for you. Make notes on any components you could improve upon for the next paragraph practice.

Your paragraph must include the following:

  • A topic sentence that names the tool or resource chosen from the story
  • 7-9 sentences
  • Correct spelling, grammar, and syntax

Grading Key:

  • A= 41 - 45 points
  • B= 36 - 40 points
  • C= 31 - 35 points
  • D= 26 - 30 points
  • F= < 25 points

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