The Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: "Transitions" Answer Key

Answer key for The Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Transitions Practice problems.

The following are examples of appropriate responses to the practice exercises at the end of the article on transitions that you have just read. The transition words are underlined.

There are many possible ways to respond to each exercise, but be sure that your responses reflect the appropriate type of relationships between ideas (similarity, contrast, sequence, time, example, emphasis, position, cause/effect, evidence, or conclusion).


Practice 1: Write a short paragraph explaining these instructions, using transitions that express TIME or SEQUENCE of ORDER. You should have at least four sentences using four different transitions.

Sample Response:

To make a cup of coffee, first you need to measure out the coffee grounds. For one cup of coffee, measure approximately one tablespoon of grounds. Next, pour the grounds into a coffee filter, and then place the filter into the basket of your coffee maker. After you have measured the grounds, the next step is to measure the water. For one cup of coffee, measure six to eight ounces of water; then pour the water into the reservoir. Next, turn on the coffee pot to brew the coffee. Meanwhile, get out a mug, as well as milk and sugar, if desired. Immediatelyafter the coffee is finished brewing, pour the coffee into your mug and add milk and sugar to taste. Finally, drink up and enjoy your delicious coffee!


Practice 2: Fill in each blank with an appropriate transition word.

Sample Response:

The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle starts out as a non-criminal investigation where Holmes is trying to return a Christmas goose to its rightful owner; _however__, the focus quickly changes when a valuable gem is discovered inside of the goose. _First,__ Holmes eliminates the thief as the owner of the goose by offering the crop to him along with a replacement goose, _but__ he is not interested. __Next,__ Holmes must track down where the goose came from. This leads him to another man who is on a similar hunt– and now Holmes has his criminal! _In the end___, Holmes solves the mystery, returns the gem, and gets a man back on track towards an honest life.


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